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Love Dr. Corsini. He’s amazing with my girls and fixed my teeth too. I would recommend him to any and everyone who asks.

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It is my absolute privilege to recommend Dr. Sean Corsini to anyone who is in need of orthodontic care.

Dr. Sean Corsini became part of my regular 6 week routine starting with my oldest child in 2015.  Right from the beginning he was patient, kind and very attentive to our needs.  He explained thoroughly everything that was going to happen.  There were no surprises or hidden costs.  When our oldest braces came off we were so pleased to see the outcome.  The most beautiful smile!  We soon had our youngest in braces and cannot wait to see the positive changes in his teeth.

This is one person that I don’t mind paying because the service and results are amazing!  Right from the moment you walk into the office till the time you walk out, his office staff and assistants make your time such an excellent experience.  I am so happy to have met such a great orthodontist.  I will be sad when our time with Dr. Corsini comes to an end.  He is a gentle, professional, extremely smart and genuine person!

I don’t hesitate for one minute to recommend Dr. Sean Corsini!

Sandra, Facebook

I took my oldest son out of town for braces on the advice of my (now former) dentist but a friend strongly advised that I see Dr. Corsini for my other son. What a difference!!! The other orthodontist was good, but Dr. Corsini really is in a class by himself. He worked on brushing with my son directly and made a big difference in his life. We are lucky to have him here and people that think to go elsewhere should think otherwise. We need more professionals like Dr. Corsini.

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Dr. Corsini has cared for both my children. My son with a retainer so far and my daughter with full braces. His expertise and chair side manner are top notch. My son has special needs and he is amazing with him. He goes out of the way to make my son feel at home talking about superheroes etc. His staff is always efficient, friendly and accommodating. I’ve worked in the dental field for over 20 years and I couldn’t recommend a better office.

Angela, Facebook

Dr. Sean Corsini, the man the myth the legend. Him and his staff are all awesome people and you can tell right away when you walk in the door, I am always happily greeted. Sean himself is a spectacular Ortho, I have been going to see him for roughly 3 and a half years. He was always extremely helpful in explaining any procedure, method, or just any general question I had to ask. During the early parts of my treatment I was in University and getting back to Midland was always a bit of a hassle but Sean always did his best to make it possible and easier to get an appointment on a date that worked for me. 10/10 would recommend Sean.

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I cannot thank Dr. Corsini for the incredible work that he on not just myself but my whole family (husband & kids)
He was very professional in his work and very thorough with his orthodontic plan with all of us.
I would strong recommend Dr. Corsini to everyone.
No need to go out of town when we have great talent in our own backyard!

Nicole, Facebook

What I really like about Dr. Sean is when you ask him anything, you become the center of his universe. He is amazing. So thoughtful and thorough. My family doctor can learn a thing or two from this gentleman.

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Dr. Sean Corsini has provided braces for myself and my daughter. 100% recommend the Dr. Corsini Team. Very professional and knowledgeable, very accommodating with payment plans and have given both my daughter and myself a smile worth showing off!

Michelle, Facebook

Such an excellent orthodontist. Honest and helpful. Highly recommend him!

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Best Orthodontist in Midland and surrounding area!
Goes above and beyond in his work and patient care!
Highly recommend him!

Ross, Facebook

Excellent doctor with amazing skills and expertise. Great, friendly environment and staff are wonderful. Lucky to have him here in Midland.

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I recently moved to Toronto and I realize now how excellent the service I received from Dr Corsini and his staff was for the price paid. I thought moving to the city would have provided me with a higher quality of expertise and service at a lower cost but I quickly realized how wrong my assumption was. Dr Corsini is really an expert at his craft and truly cares about each person that walks through his door. And his price point is still small-town priced. If I could go back I would!

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My son was at a local camp and developed a problem with his braces. Dr. Corsini agreed to see him and fixed things very quickly and reasonably. Our whole family thanks him and his staff.

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He did a straightening I thought was impossible. Takes a procedure that could be lousy and makes it great! My daughter and I say THANK YOU Dr. C!!

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