Your team

Here’s your team that works with you
And guides your treatment each day.
Yes they know braces,
So well that they’re Aces,
To help every step of the way.

Dr. Sean Corsini

Don't let his good looks surprise you,
Dr. C is the old man around here.
He'll tighten your braces,
You're off to the races!
He's good at both metal and clear.


If you should call with a question,
Tina's the one you'll get.
With no fuss or fooling,
She knows what she's doing
To make sure that your needs are met.


Please meet our trusted assistant,
She makes sure our service is prime.
She loves to assist,
No detail gets missed,
And she keeps Dr. C running on time.


Say hi to this stellar hygienist.
She'll tighten without being mean.
She's a wizard with pliers
And braces and wires,
And helps you to keep your teeth clean.


Another hygienist with excellent skills,
"Quite good" is what we've been told.
She'll adjust the retainers
That won't make complainers
Of patients who are young or old.

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